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Currently, the private radio Central organizers in music events programme presents vigorous campursari. This genre of music that are localized to have its own market share.
Every day, even hour seems to always be there without pause the radio playing songs campursari. In fact, each event is blocking time is consumed by specific products as sponsor.

This is to say, this type of modern traditional music has had a lot of listeners and is considered by the manufacturer is able to gather audiences as their target the promotion of products. That fact makes the artists in this province the campursari passionately create songs with a lot of variety of creations.
The power of local and regional councils often inspire them, e.g. by making it a place in a city or region (especially in Central Java) was the setting of the story of a song. This phenomenon is interesting, because on the other hand can be considered a promotion area in the kabupaten\/kota.

Since composer Gesang Martohartono created '' Kroncong Bengawan Solo ' ', ' ' Red ' Bridge ' or ' ' Tirtonadi '', thus following the name-Dn5 Any with '' Yen ing Tawang Ana Latitude '' no longer artists who memunculan his
 New in the late 1990s, appeared the start name Didi Kempot back with phenomenal work like ' Race ' a ' Station ', ' ' Sewu Kuta '', or '' Terminal '' everything Tirtonadi air-conditioned setting Solo.  Even Didi Kempot became a trendsetter for the emergence of other creators at a later date.
 Then lately many newcomers create song creator ber-setting city as '' Milk '' Boyolali (Mr. Sejedewe) who declared the city as producers of cow's milk and Boyolali.

Bandungan, Semarang Regency or the atmosphere with '' Klengkeng Bandungan '' (Didi Kempot), in Wonogiri's '' Thiwul '' Wonogiri Regency (Mulyadi), in Wonosobo have '' Dieng Volcano '' (Didi Kempot), the atmosphere of the port of Semarang in '' Tanjung Emas Ninggal Promises '', that's all as evidence that the world increasingly passionate campursari.

Although this condition ditepis by Hadi Pranoto, one of the traditional recording industry actors say, climate records are still not back either campursari as early 200. It is seen from the decline of production numbers, '' Now a year we only produce 4 or 5 albums, used to get to 15 albums, '' said Hadi. Why, certainly due to piracy.

Really the seediness of music on the radio as campursari up date of traditional music are nowadays less karawitan got a place in the keradioan industry (private) that rely more on modern pop music to reach the market audience.
 Fill itself derived from the tradition of campursari karawitan played in RRI around the 1970s, which was then mengolaborasikan between tools karawitan and instruments for music [2].
This terminology has been Shifted Up campursari are shifted by the fusion of Kroncong, dangdut and karawitan itself as fundamennya. The pentatonic pattern slendro still dominant for example with the sigrak accent gendangnya. In modern language, the words were campursari Java everyday or hilarious, ngoko with delivery of membanyol, but could also be sentimental, romantic, and heart wrenching.

Thus State Government response kabupaten\/kota area already promoted when en masse through media arts campursari, even with free anyway? What did the Government Award, at least a piece of the Charter, feature the coat of arms of the local government?
 Those questions seemed to be never crossed the mind of the artist's music. This means they work selflessly, except for the respect of royalties from broadcasting results (not all artists take care of the Copyright work of Indonesia Foundation). To be sure, as long as these artists were only received in return the event Covenant recordings (MoU) with the producer, there's not much more than that.
 Then the award is given to how worthy artists? Awards granted should not be material, but for example could be tribute, i.e. in the form of performances from the artists campursari inside a gig together. Who is the other? Of course the most provincial government authorities.

But ideally is indeed on the initiative of district\/city itself. Here's how, all event dipandegani by the Regent\/mayor who for this well-known concern on traditional music such as Regent of Wonogiri H Begug Purnomosidi or Hj Rina Iriani Sri Ratnaningsih (Regent Karanganyar).

It is a events form campursari festival (not contested but appear in a parade). To be exact e.g. momentumnya coupled with fundraising for the veteran artist campursari. (10)

 Bambang Isti, observer of world music, live in Semarang
The discourse of independent Voices, February 23, 2010

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